Deputy Governor Sun Hongshan Investigating and Holding a Symposium in NCU

Written by: Nan Xuan    


On the morning of February 22, Sun Hongshan, Deputy Governor of Jiangxi Province, came to Nanchang University to investigate and hold a symposium.    

Du Zhangbiao, Deputy-Secretary General of the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, Zheng Zhijun, Deputy Secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Party Committee of Jiangxi Province, Yu Xiaoshe, Secretary of the Party Committee of NCU, Chen Yeguang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of NCU, Li Deping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of NCU, Deng Xiaohua, Liu Chengmei, and Ge Gang, Vice Presidents of NCU accompanied Sun Hongshan to investigate. University leaders, officers from the General Office and the Research Office of the Provincial People's Government and the University attended the symposium.    

Sun Hongshan visited NCU History Museum and was given a detailed account of the history and development of the university. In addition, Sun Hongshan also inspected the Rare Earth Institute and the Artificial Intelligence Institute, through which he had a deep understanding of NCU’s latest research findings in the production and application of new materials, information technology, artificial intelligence,etc.    

At the symposium, Yu Xiaoshe and Chen Yeguang respectively briefed the reform and development of NCU, elaborated the achievements and highlights of the university in recent years, analyzed the difficulties and challenges faced by the university, and reported the development goals of the university in the next five years and the key tasks in 2023.    

Sun Hongshan listened carefully to the report and highly affirmed the reform and development achievements of NCU in recent years. He pointed out that Nanchang University had shown a good development momentum in the integration of educational resources and the embodiment of educational achievements, and the research achievements in new technologies and new materials were exciting. Sun Hongshan also stressed the need to follow the spirit of Xi Jinping’s speeches delivered at his two visits to Nanchang University and transform it into the driving forces for the reform and development of NCU. The party committee and the government of Jiangxi Province have been attaching great importance to the development of NCU, and determined to build NCU with the strength of the whole province. NCU shall fully understand the determination and confidence of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the university and make new and greater contributions to write a new chapter of the comprehensive construction of socialist modernization in Jiangxi.    

Sun Hongshan has also put forward requirements of the reform and development of NCU. He stressed that we should pay more attention to political construction, taking the study, publicity and implementation of the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress as the primary political task at present and in the future, adhering to the Partys overall leadership over higher education, strengthening the research of scientific theory interpretation, and persisting the correct direction of higher education. We should pay more attention to moral education, ideological education, knowledge education and quality education, cultivating talents for the Party and the Nation. We should pay more attention to talents policies, attracting, cultivating and making good use of talents so as to provide talent support for building a world-class university. We should pay more attention to discipline cultivation, supporting the construction of world-class universities with world-class discipline clusters. We should pay more attention to scientific research and innovation, carrying out advanced research, strengthening the integration of industry and education, promoting the transformation of research achievements so as to play its role in serving local economic and social development. We should pay more attention to campus security, ensuring political security, strengthening the construction of safe campus, strengthening the prevention and control of campus epidemic so as to create a harmonious campus environment.    

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