NCU's Special Deployment for Double First Class Construction



On the morning of June 8, NCU held a conference on promoting the Double First Class construction to deeply implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinpings important instructions on the construction of Double First Class and the spirit of the Ministry of Education and Jiangxi Provinces new round of sessions about promoting Double First Class construction, fully grasp the overall requirements of the construction, and promote the NCUs construction of Double First Class in a high-quality manner by deploying works, making a concerted effort and fully fulfilling duties. President Zhou Chuangbing presided over the conference, and Secretary of NCUs Party Committee Yu Xiaoshe, CAS Academician and Executive Vice President Chen Yeguang, and CAS Academician and Vice President Jiang Fengyi attended the conference and delivered speeches.    

On behalf of the university, Jiang Fengyi signed the Goals and Duties Letter for Double First Class Construction during the 14th Five-year Plan with 8 first-class construction discipline groups. And the persons in charge of those 8 groups reported their construction ideas, goals and initiatives, and the heads of relevant functional departments delivered speeches to state clearly their stand.    

At the conference, it was pointed out that promoting the Double First Class construction is a major strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, is a real need to achieve a high level of scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement in China, and is also an inevitable measure to achieve high-quality leapfrog development of higher education in Jiangxi and the urgent need to enhance the core competitiveness of higher education in Jiangxi. The whole university must faithfully understand the current serious situation and huge challenges, fulfill the responsibilities of a major constructor of Double First Class with a higher political standing, a stronger sense of responsibility, and more effective and pragmatic action initiatives, and ensure the implementation of the new round of Double First Class construction and the tasks of the 14th Five-year Plan in NCU.    

At the conference, it is emphasized that the Double First Class construction should be oriented by goals and demands, adhere to the three development strategies of strengthening the university with talents, making innovation with characteristics, and integrating industry and education, and continuously strengthen the integration of science and education, integration of industry and education, and integration of medicine and education. The discipline construction should be changed from spontaneous to organized, from imitative to Chinese-style, from traditional to cross-discipline, and from management-oriented to service-oriented. It is necessary to accelerate the implementation of the S&T leading talents guiding program and reserve talents sponsorship program, and comprehensively enhance the ability to undertake national major and key projects with a focus on the major needs of the S&T leading edge. It is essential to give full play to the leading role of strategic scientists, deepen the reform discipline resources allocation and use mechanism, and promote the construction of first-class discipline groups in different levels and classifications. NCU should continuously improve the ability to serve the construction of an Innovative Jiangxi, accelerate the improvement of the transformation system of scientific research outcomes, smooth the chain of transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the full connection among the education chain, talent chain, industry chain, innovation chain and policy chain.    

At the conference, it is requested that ideological awareness should be raised, the consciousness, sense of urgency and action should be enhanced, and the new round of deployments for the Double First Class construction of the university should be fully implemented. Relevant schools/colleges should focus on the Goals and Duties Letter, further refine the discipline direction, detail the construction initiatives, clarify the expected results, and strive to achieve new and greater breakthroughs in key tasks, important projects and major achievements.Each functional department should formulate the Double First Class construction task decomposition table, make the timetable, roadmap and persons in charge clear, improve the institutional mechanism, update the rules and regulations, strengthen the coordination, enhance the assessment and accountability, and promote the implementation of the construction tasks with high quality.    

Heads of relevant functional departments, secretaries of Party Committees, deans and discipline heads of schools/colleges attended the conference.    

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