NCU Winning the Highest Award – Award for Future Designer in “Kan Tai-Keung Design Award 2022 Worldwide Chinese Design Competition”

In the award-winning work Onomatopoeia, the author conducts a creative design on the core part of the Chinese characters to explore new ways to demonstrate ideographical meanings of the Chinese characters, making Chinese Character patterns more interesting and easier to read, which conforms to the demand for characters in the current fast-spaced life.

The Kan Tai-Keung Design Award 2022 Worldwide Chinese Design Competition is an authoritative graphic design competition highly recognized in the field and one of the first round of art competitions recognized by higher education institutes across the country. This year, the award has received a total of 10106 works from Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore as well as the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China. The Student Group of the Award includes 1 Future Designer Award, 2 Gold Awards, 3 Silver Awards, 6 Bronze Awards and several other awards. The Award for Future Designer won by Ji Pengfei is the first time that a university student of Jiangxi Province has won the highest award in the competition, and also the best award that our students have won in the field of graphic design.

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