Dr. Chen Meng of School of Sciences Published Research Results in Computational Mathematics

The latest research results of Dr. Chen Meng, a young teacher from the Department of Mathematics in School of Sciences of Nanchang University, Extrinsic Meshless Collocation Methods for PDEs on Manifolds has been officially published in the SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis,with Chen Meng being the first author and corresponding author, and Nanchang University the first institution and corresponding institution.


In recent years, PDEs (Partial Differential Equations) on curved surfaces have been widely applied to physical and biological problems such as corrosion of metal surfaces, simulation of turing structures, and movement of cell membranes. Dr. Chen Meng and Professor Leevan Ling of Hong Kong Baptist University have jointly studied a simple explicit, asymmetric kernel function meshless collocation method for solving second-order elliptic PDEs on smooth manifolds. They have successfully obtained the theoretical error analysis results of the method and verified its high accuracy and high-order convergence numerically, which is of great significance to the further study of problems on curved surfaces and their applications.

SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis is dedicated to publishing major breakthroughs in numerical methods and numerical analysis. It is recognized as one of the top three academic journals in computational mathematics at home and abroad and enjoys a high academic reputation. This is the first time for a scholar from university in Jiangxi province to have published research paper in this journal.

Dr. Chen Meng is mainly engaged in theoretical analysis of calculation methods of PDEs and research on numerical algorithms, whose research direction is mainly theoretical analysis of radial basis function meshless method for solving PDEs on curved surfaces and research and application of related algorithms.

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