Dr. Pan Haili of Our University Published a Research Paper in the World-famous Journal– Neuron

On July 16, Dr. Pan Haili from the Lab of Cognitive Function and Disease of Institute of Life Science published a research paper entitled “Identification of a Spinal Circuit for Mechanical and Persistent Spontaneous Itch” in the world-famous journal–Neuron.


    Itch is one of the main mechanisms of the body’s self-protection. According to different predisposing factors, itch can be divided into two types: mechanical itch and chemical itch. Neuroscientists have already made in-depth researches on the neural mechanism of chemical itch but only know little about the neural mechanism of mechanical itch. Dr. Pan Haili, applying the technology of neuroelectrophysiology, with such research methods as molecular biology, ethology, optogenetics and calcium imaging, comprehensively analyzed the mechanism of spinal cord circuits of the emergence of mechanical itch for the first time, providing important theoretical support for the development of the therapeutic medicines for the pathological mechanical itch.

    Dr. Pan Haili is a young teacher in the Lab of Cognitive Function and Disease of Institute of Life Science and an in-post member of the postdoctoral station. Funded by the “international postdoctoral exchange program” of China postdoctoral fund committee, Dr. Pan Haili went to the University of Toronto and the University of Michigan for a three-and-a-half-year collaborative study. And the study was completed under the guidance of Dr. Duan Bo, Department of Molecular Cell Development and Biology, University of Michigan, USA.  

   The success of Dr. Pan Haili shows that the “international postdoctoral exchange program” can significantly strengthen the construction of the capabilities of postdoctoral research and innovation and expand the international academic vision and internationalization level of young teachers in our university.

    Neuron is an internationally recognized top journal in the field of neuroscience. Founded in 1988, it is a sister journal of Cell published by the Cell Press, and its latest impact factor is 14.403.


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