Research Paper Published in Top Journal of Electrical Electronics by Deputy Professor Nie Xiaohua

Recently, the latest research result of Nie Xiaohua, associate professor from the School of Information Engineering of NCU, in the field of the dynamic tracking modeling and real-time detection of the power quality in electric system entitled Detection of Grid Voltage Fundamental and Harmonic Components Using Kalman Filter Based on Dynamic Tracking Model was published in the top journal IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, which puts forward a new KF algorithm of tracking model.

In order to deal with the defects of the traditional KF algorithm (OV-KF and PAV-KF) of tracking model in the study of the dynamic tracking and real-time detection of the power quality in electric system, Nie Xiaohua establishes the state space model with the introduction of the rate of change of AC, theoretically infers the covariance matrix of state noises and its coefficient, clarifies the connection among estimators and state noises, promotes a KF method(DTM-KF) based on dynamic tracking model(DTM), further expands the state space, and estimates and tracks the fundamental wave and harmonic of AC so that the defects of traditional KF methods can be overcome and the problem that it is difficult to determine the covariance matrix and its coefficient can be solved. Furthermore, the new algorithm is able to obtain accurate change rate of electric quantity with dynamic sensitivity. According to the simulation and experimental research based on the platform of smart grid laboratory (director of laboratory and research group: Professor Wan Xiaofeng), in the complex charge environment, the tracking precision of AC fundamental wave and harmonic ratio of the new KF algorithm are all superior to the traditional KF methods(OV-KF and PAV-KF).

As a top journal (SCI-top, impact factor: 7.050)in area of electrical electronics, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics mainly reports the latest research progress in the fields of information, control, electric, industrial electronic, etc.

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