Prof. Chen Yiwang's Team's research outcomes be published in JACS

Transition Metal Monatomic catalysts have many advantages, such as high activity and high atom utilization rate. They have important research value and application prospect in the fields of energy and catalysis and have become one of the most important research fields. The coordination environment and Electronic Structure Control of single metal atom is one of the most effective ways to improve its performance. However, there is a lack of effective structural control methods. Recently, Prof. Chen Yiwang's team developed a nitrogen-phosphorus double coordination strategy to control the coordination environment and electronic structure of a single metal atom, effectively improving the performance of oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) . This work not only provides a feasible approach for efficient ORR and Zn-air batteries, but also provides a general and reliable method for the preparation of novel Atom Metal Catalysts for Energy Conversion.


Relevant research outcomes have been published in Journal of the American Chemical Societywith the title of “Boosting Oxygen Reduction of Single Iron Active Sites via Geometric and Electronic Engineering: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Dual Coordination”.


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