The team lead of Professor Shu Fuwen in School of Sciences was awarded the title of 2017 Essay Competition Honor issued by Gravity Research

Recently, the results of 2017 Gravity Research Foundation Essay Competition were revealed. The paper, Holography as deep learning, jointly written by Professor Shufuwen and the postgraduate Gan Wencong of School of Sciences won the Honor Award.

Gravity Research Foundation, established in 1949, held an essay competition every year, and the competition was set for any scholar all over the world to award the breakthroughs achieved in the field of astrophysics and relevant fields by means of gravity and relativism, as well as the research results of important innovation ideas; it is an important event in the academic circle of gravity. In the competition, the top five and about 20 honorary awards are set, and some famous physicists could be found in the list of previous award winners.

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