Prof. Cai Hu's Team, School of Chemistry, NCU published Research Paper in JACS again

Under the framework of Prof. Xiong Rengen's "ball-like-non-ball" theory, Cai Hu's team has successfully designed and synthesized a ceramic-like ferroelectrics 3,2,1-dabco BF4. At Room temperature, the ferroelectrics exhibits superb ferroelectric properties and film-forming properties. The results were published in Journal of the American Chemical Society, under the title "Rational Design of Ceramic-Like Molecular Ferroelectric by Quasi-Spherical Theory”. The first author of the paper is Dr. Wei Zhenhong. The first unit to complete the paper and the unit of the corresponding author are both NCU. It marks a breakthrough of Cai Hu's team in the field of molecular ferroelectrics since they first reported antiperovskite ferroelectrics in Journal of the American Chemical Society in 2018.



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