The research paper of Professor Liu Yong’s project team was included into the cutting-edge articles in the study of Elsevier Chinese materia

Recently, the research paper of Professor Liu Yong’s project team of School of Mechatronics and Engineering was included into the cutting-edge articles in the study of Elsevier Chinese material science. (W.C. HU, et al., First-principles study of structural and electronic properties of C14-type Laves phase Al2Zr and Al2Hf, Computational Materials Science, 83 (2014) 27–34, )

  Elsevier is a Dutch international multi-media publishing group, which annually publishes over 2,000 journals and 2,200 new books, covering the fields of medicine, life science, natural science and social science. Elsevier is one of the databases which are mostly retrieved by study personnels and draw the most attention in publishing. This time, the Chinese material science project selected 17 high-level papers from Elsevier database, covering the fields of material engineering, biomaterials, energy materials and ceramic. ( )

  The paper written by Liu Yong’s Team was initiated by focusing on the design of material genome, the first principle was adopted to study the structures, mechanics and electronic performances of Laves phase Al2Zr and Al2Hf, the investigators acquired the atomic structures and mechanical characteristics of material strengthening phases, which facilitated the new material development and strengthening-toughening design, and they realized the study target of the double reduction of material genome plan (reduction in R&D cycle and reduction in R&D cost).  Liu Yong’s team has published 45 SCI papers in the field of magnesium alloy, including one JMST solicited review (, and the related research results draw wide attention from and are quoted by international peers (462 SCI quotations and a single paper is quoted as many as 50 times)

  The included paper was completed jointly by Liu Yong’s Project Team of our college and Professor Zeng Xiaoqin’s Project Team of Shanghai Jiaotong University. During the early stage, they were funded by National Natural Science Foundation (Nos. 51001058, 51301107, 51171113) and National Science and Technology Support (No.2011BAE22B02). In 2016, the “Thirteenth-Five Year Plan National Key R&D Development Project (Integrated Computation and Preparation of Light and High-Performance Magnesium Alloy, No.2016YFB0701200)” successfully won funding, which fully showcases the wide influences of Nanchang University in the field of domestic magnesium alloy.

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