The authoritative journal in communications under the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) continuously published the la

The authoritative journal in communications under the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications and IEEE systems Journal, continuously published the latest research results of Dr. Zhou Fuihui of our university: "Robust AN-Aided Beamforming and Power Splitting Design for Secure MISO Cognitive Radio With SWIPT" and "Robust Max-Min Fairness Resource Allocation in Sensing-Based Wideband Cognitive Radio With SWIPT:  Imperfect Channels Sensing".

IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, created in 2002 in USA, belongs to the Wireless Communication Branch of IEEE; as the most authoritative academic journal in the field of international wireless communications, it publishes excellent research papers in wireless communication all over the world. This journal places high emphasis on the study innovativeness and the work completeness and falls into area I of JCR; its impact factor in 2017 is 4.951. IEEE Systems Journal, created in 2007 in USA, places high emphasis on the originality and systematicness of study and falls into area I of JCR; its impact factor in 2017 is 3.882.

During the wireless communications, as for the users engaged in the communication by means of the mobile device with limited energy storage, their experiences are limited to the limited energy storage.  Against the backdrop of the emergence of information and energy cooperative transmission technology of international famous mobile device manufacturers such as Huawei and Samsung, and studies and experiments on wireless charging have been carried out consecutively. However, the current information and energy cooperative transmission technology cannot overcome the problems such as lower energy transformation rate and proneness to be wiretapped of the user's reliable information; therefore, the high safety and the strategy of fair resources distribution are proposed in the next-generation cognitive radio network after the problems of incapability of precisely estimating the wireless communication channel status and information as well as user fairness are taken into comprehensive consideration.

Dr. Zhou Fuhui is long engaged in the studies of 5G, future wireless communications technology and emerging optimization technology, and the study directions mainly include: cognition radio, green channel, non-orthogonal multiple access, energy collection, physical layer safety, UAV communication, and nonconvex optimization technology. Dr. Zhou Fuhui graduated from Xidian University. During the study for the doctor's degree, Zhou participated in projects such as national science and technology major special project "New-Generation Broadband Wireless Communications Network", and national XX fundamental science and research key project. In July 2016, the patient was employed in Nanchang University, and currently serves as the principal research follow in Jiangxi Province Embedded System Engineering Technology Research Center.  Currently, Zhou presides over one Chinese post-doctoral project and one Jiangxi Youth Science Foundation project. After one-year working service in our university, Zhou successively published over ten papers in international communications authoritative journals and top conferences, and 8 papers in which Zhou was the first author, the second author or the corresponding author were retrieved as SCI papers. In addition, Dr. Zhou Fuhui served as a Technical Program Committee Member of important international conferences such as IEEE Globecom, IEEE ICC and IEEE VTC for multiple times, and long serves as reviewers of top international journals such as IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications and IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications as well as international authoritative conferences such as IEEE Globecom and IEEE ICC.

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