Student Huang Yabao Was Selected to 100 National Inspirational and Typical Outstanding Students

      Recently, China National Center for Student Financial Aid published the list of the second National Inspirational and Typical Outstanding Students titled with "National Support Help Me Fly", Huang Yabao, student of School of Economics & Management, is one of winners and she is the only student who won the award in our province’s universities.

 National Inspirational and Typical Outstanding Students, titled with "National Support Help Me Fly", is hold by China National Center for Student Financial Aid, aims to vigorously promote the national funding policies and educational achievements, enhances the propaganda and ideological work, guides and simulates aid-receiving students to make efforts, determine to be talents, be thankful and dedicated. The event eventually selected 100 typical and outstanding students with good ideological and political quality, aggressiveness, obliging and dedicated spirits in the whole country.


Student Huang Yabao comes from a poor family, her father suffers from cancer, her mother has a third-degree disability. But these did not prevent her from moving forward, she obtained excellent results through diligence and sweat. For these years, she has won many special scholarships, an international award, two national awards, two provincial awards and many other awards, has published four papers in China’s core journals and other periodicals. Over the past four years, the girl of self-reliance and independence bore all the university fees by work-study and other means, was enthusiastic in public service and won many honorary titles, such as the outstanding volunteer, student party member of self-reliance and independence. In 2015, she won the short-listed award of National Undergraduate of the Year, Jiangxi Provincial Undergraduate of the Year, Nanchang University Spring Scholarships and Charming Figures of Students and other honors, got a postgraduate recommendation to Tongji University for a master’s degree.

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