Student Xie Yang of School of Journalism & Communication Won the

In August 2016, the final of QQ browser Cup Tencent Tpai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in Shenzhen. Xie Yang, a student of Class 142 of Drama Film and Television Literature (Radio and Television Director) of School of Journalism & Communication, won the silver award (bonus 20,000 yuan) by virtue of his work - online collaborative painting Poimoe, and got investment of PreAngel, Innoangel fund on the spot.

Poimoe mainly provides multi-person collaborative online painting services, integrates illustrations sharing community, illustrations crowdsourcing community, online art education, interest education community and other functions at the same time. It captures the vacancies of multi-person collaborative tool of illustrations, animations, comics, games (ACG for short) and interaction between the existing online education in the market, provides value-added services, expands retail item, builds business platform, etc., to achieve profitability.

What should be mentioned is that Xie Yang began to learn programming in 13-year-old, and he is participating in a number of large-scale open-source projects in Github and other communities now, with all-sided skill.

Competition is guided by the national mobile Internet industry incubation and opens to the global college students. This competition lasted nearly 5 months, providing not only huge bonuses but also Tencent 2016 intern admission qualification for the award-winning team. What’s more, the winning team had the opportunity to communicate with many investment institutions and get investment from them, thus getting all-round ability training, such as innovation, practice, operation, cooperation, entrepreneurship and so on .

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