“Our Honor Comes From the Team Work”——The innovation team of Department of Industrial Design won three international design awards

Recently, under the guidance of teachers Wu Jiang, Shu Yu’an of School of Art & Design, students Zhao Heqi and Lin Jie, Grade 2012 of Department of Industrial Design, won the United States "Industrial Design Excellence Awards" together by their work "Blind Spot Temperature and Design". So far, our school has won the German "iF Award" and "Red Dot Design Award", the United States "Industrial Design Excellence Awards", achieved the"Grand Slam" of three major international design awards.

Hearing the good news, the instructor and the winners were very calm and composed. Wu Jiang calmly said: “The award is only a result of our team’s hard work and approval for our efforts. During the process, our team harvested a lot and made great progress, which are important for us”.

In the interview process, Wu Jiang repeatedly stressed the word “team”, and he told reporters that success is not a personal contribution but the result of team’s joint effort. It is understood that the innovation team of Department of Industrial Design of Nanchang University was established in October 2009. For the last six years, the team works hard and devotes quietly, has made many achievements.

“In fact, the design itself is relatively boring, but we have special ways to make it be interesting. Through discussion, brainstorming, cooperative design, etc., we promote communication, deepen understanding and create happiness. As a result, our team’s creativity was greatly improved in the guidance of “ happy design” concept.” Shu Yu’an was happy to say.

“Every member has its personal insights and ideas, but not all of the ideas can be achieved. In the course of the competition, the teacher’s main role is to grasp the general direction, help students avoid detours and mistakes according to personal knowledge and experience. The final result relied on the team joint efforts.” Wu Jiang always stressed that he is only a member of the team.

The idea of our works also derived from team discussion, and finally we collectively decided to focus on disadvantaged groups. “At first, our creative ideas are not mature. Thanks to the two teachers’ patient guidance, technical support and selfless help, the final design program “Blind Spot Temperature and Design” was confirmed.” Zhao Heqi said.

"We usually stayed up late at that time, but we don’t think it is hard because learning and life have been integrated together. Maybe in others opinion, our work is boring, but the design for us is the source of happiness.” Before the competition, Zhao Heqi and Lin Jie two students had seriously prepared for it and had collected nearly a thousand similar products’ information, they careful studied, repeatedly selected and fully absorbed the advantages of others to improve the novelty of their works.

"We work on design not for the competition or awards, but we are accumulating and ready for them every day." Zhao Heqi said frankly, “we hoped that works can be commented and approved by professional judges, and we also regarded the competition as an opportunity to communicate, learn and step forward. Actually, team growth and progress are the most important.”

To participate in international competitions, information acquisition is critical. Lin Jie does well in Engish, so she volunteered to be our translator and got information from foreign language documents. Zhao Heqi said frankly with smile, “Lin Jie’s rational thinking took me a great inspiration, and my English improves a lot and my vision is more opener through the competition”.

“We may not made success without the strong support of school. Related departments of school attached great importance on us, helped a lot on the approval of ground, funding, policy opportunities and so on. Our team have no vigorous and touching story, all we have are ‘happy design’ mentality and surefooted effort. This competition is the first step of our long march, there are more challenges waiting for us in the future.” Shu Yu’an said.

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