A Korean Girl Who Fell in Love in China ——Liu Zhunyong, the champion of the third Foreign Students’ Chinese Competition of Jiangxi Province

It was 19:30 when I met with Liu Zhunyong, exactly same with the time we agreed with her, having no one minute early or later. Her precise time concept makes me amazed.

Liu Zhunyong, a student majors in clinical medicine, keeps eyebrow-level straight bang and black shoulder-length hair. When she speaks, she smiles sweetly and looks gentle and lovely, is a typical Korean girl. Through the communication and interview, I can feel her enthusiasm, sincerity and unyielding spirit show.

Our interview started from Chinese Contest. She said it is very hard for the whole process. Even a brief self-introduction, she practiced hundreds of times before mirrors everyday! “Green mountains and rivers and red land, the birth place of many great men is Jiangxi. She records my growth, witnesses my efforts! Flowers withered and fell, the time went away will not come back. With your companion, I will continue to study hard and live a fulfilling life. Jiangxi, my second hometown, I would like to say thank you!” This passage, Liu Zhunyong said standardly, smooth and emotionally on the stage, had been practiced for many times before. About the talent show - dance “Butterfly Lovers”, the amazing and magnificent performance is the result of numerous rehearsals. “A minute on the stage, how much work offstage”. She felt that everything is difficult, but the more difficult it is, the more efforts you make. With this unyielding strength, Liu Zhunyong delivered her understanding about the Chinese language and cultural to the judges through her talent and skill and speech, left a very deep impression on judges and ultimately won the championship.

For Chinese learning, she sticks to recite twenty new words everyday. The words changed from the Chinese primary school textbooks words to the Chinese proficiency test outline vocabulary, and then to the vocabulary of current professional textbooks and Chinese novels. No matter how busy she is, she demands herself to recite twenty new words everyday. In her opinion, “as long as Kung Fu deep, a iron pestle will be ground into a needle.” It is days’ accumulation resulting in her success in the contest. We have reason to believe that as long as she perseveres on this road and strives to move forward, she will achieve her life goals on larger stages.

Talking about the impression on China, Liu Zhunyong said she has been to China with her parents for eight years. Chinese and Korean culture come from the same source, so she doesn’t think there is any difference between China and South Korea and she has a natural intimacy of China. About festivals, two countries both have Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival ... ..., Korea has lunar calendar too. As time went by, she is now deeply in love with China. In spare time, she has went to Yunnan, Shandong, Qingdao and other places and thus she thinks everywhere of China is beautiful. Moreover, she said seriously, “China, as a developing country, has vast territory and abundant resources and much development space in the long run”. She has decided to settle in China later. For the future, she said she wants to open a pediatric clinic in China after graduation, takes root in China by virtue of the professional knowledge she learned from China and good service of Korea. Then, she admitted to hope to get married and settle in China like ordinary Chinese girls and henceforth be a Chinese.

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