Wang Wei: The Harder You Work, the Happier You Are

“I was very nervous, afraid of being unable to express clearly, so I called my supervisor before appearing on the stage, and he encouraged me and showed his confidence in me. I didn’t know how I appeared on the stage, but I was totally relaxed until I said my first word”; this is Wang Wei’s status when she first participate in the defence for “Internet Plus” Innovation And Entrepreneurship Competition as the team leader. From the bewilderment in the beginning to the confidence present, she has really made great efforts!

Wang Wei hasn’t known by a lot of people until the team of “Haihun Space-time City” won the national silver prize. What’s behind the glory is the countless frustration and failure, as well as theunobserved endeavor and trial. When talking about the experiences in participating in competitions in her freshman year, she said that most of the competitions ended up in failure. She didn’t have friends to help her in the beginning, and she didn’t know any seniors to take her for the competitions as a team, so she had to be the first responsible person to look for classmates in the same camp, cultivate a team to attend the competitions. However, you can imagine the results for her being a “newbie” with no competition experience.

Wang Wei was not discouraged for the undesirable results, instead, she was stimulated. Student Yu Wan from Department of Chinese Language and Literature told us that during the period of competition, Wang Weil would do reading early in the morning, and self-study until 10:00 at night. When she came back to dormitory and finished washing, she would go to self study room to prepare the competition data until midnight. “I was very tired every day and I felt that I could sleep even when I was walking”, Wang Wei recalled her tough days. A series of failure and obstruction is just like a solid stone grinding Wang Wei, finally making her glorify resplendently and show original potential.

“Failures are unavoidable, mistakes are allowable, university days are the time costing the lowest for the mistakes, and we will never find a better chance for this”, Wang Wei summarized calmly after competing with various adversities.

Deposit, accumulate steadily and rise abruptly

The creativity of Haihun Duke project was originated by chance — teachers of History Department always talked about the story of Haihun Duke and teammates talked about tourism when chatting…… these factors seemed unrelated collided in Wang Wei’s mind, bringing her a bold and novel thought of building “Haihun Space-time City”.

Developing from a simple rudiment to the perfect and careful space-time city system, Wang Wei thought that it can not be separated from the usual accumulation of experience to a large extent. “More things you contact, more extensive your thought will be. Then you may think of different points from others, thus innovation is possible.” she said. In her sophomore year, she went to Wuhan University to exchange studying and deeply felt the importance of experience here. She observes that the level of the two schools in terms of expertise is not much different, but their wealthy students’ experience is richer than ours, and the point of view of the problem is more extensive and varied. The innovation of project is built on certain experience and accumulation.

Watching news, updating microblog, watching the trends of friends circle ... ... are part of daily life of many college students. In Wang Wei’s view, these are ways of broadening horizons and accumulating knowledge. Whether it is their own experience or others, mastering the traditional classic and current hot spots will increase your own knowledge to a certain extent. In order to contact new things, Wang Wei not only attends her own classes, but also often takes courses of other majors, feels the style of different teaching teachers and learns some new knowledge at the same time.

In her opinion, the knowledge of college students come from courses, the good use of classroom resources is particularly important, and she also proved this with practical action - she accumulated a lot of experience through constant contact with new things. Because of this accumulation, she grows from ignorant VR technology “newbie” to mature and confident competitor.

Self-confidence is from others support

Since her own experience is limited and confidence is lacking, she always fell into embarrassing dilemma when delivered speeches in the public as a freshman, but now she can talk clearly and freely on the stage, this change can not be separated from her friends and teachers’ encouragement. These encouragement and affirmation from all aspects is a very precious wealth on her way forward.

In the study of Haihun Duke VR technology, Wang Wei admitted that teacher Chen Yiqing gave her great help. Before participating in the provincial race, the captain Wang Wei was full of anxiety and tension, the teacher's strong support gave her confidence. In daily life, teacher Chen is free and easy. But faced with project research, she is strict and makes great efforts. Wang Wei said that teacher was concerned about small details such as punctuation, and even called her at night to criticize her since she had done something not good. Stimulated and criticized by her teacher, Wang Wei and her teammates worked overtime for the project every day, got through this enriched and slightly sad time, and ultimately achieved the integration of history and present, virtuality and reality in Haihun Space-time city.

Recalling that long and fruitful period, Wang Wei said optimistically, “be happy and do not struggle with some things, the environment will not change because of it”. Encouragement and help of adviser and teammates along the way is the driving force that she can be eloquent in the “Internet Plus” provincial racing reply as the captain. Through this competition, Wang Wei harvests not only memorable memories, but also the friendship developed in the sharing joys and sorrows, what the most precious is the optimistic and confident life attitude from mutual support and encouragement.

Holding expectation, Wang Wei is pursuing farther and vaster world youthfully. Even if the road is far away, she is still brave to pursue and active to go forward.

Attachment: Wang Wei, a student from Comprehensive Experimental Class 141 of Qianhu College of Nanchang University, went to Wuhan University to exchange studying in the second semester of sophomore year. During the period of studying at school, she won the silver award of the second “CCB Cup” Chinese “Internet Plus” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the gold award of the second “CCB Cup” Jiangxi Provincial “Internet Plus” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, a special scholarship, two first class scholarships, two second prize scholarships, received a total of more than 20 awards at all levels. What’s more, she published a paper in CSSCI source journal and participated in 4 issues.

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