Chinese Unsung Heroes, I Salute You—— Foreign Teacher LiliaFe Taguba’s Words in This Epidemic

LiliaFe Taguba is a foreign teacher in NCU. Having been working and living in China for nearly two decades, she has deep feelings for the students, for Nanchang University, for Nanchang city and for China.


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, she has posted information on her Facebook for the collection of protective masks and other protective equipment, actively raising protective materials for epidemic prevention in our campus. About this epidemic, let us hear her voice...


Good afternoon! My name is LiliaFe Taguba, I am an English teacher from the Philippines, currently employed at Nanchang University. This letter is simply to express my admiration and sincere gratitude to China and to the people of Nanchang. Since, the coronavirus outbreak, China has changed a lot. I feel sad for all the Chinese families for not able to celebrate their traditional Chinese New Year's festival. We received news the day before the festival saying that all gatherings, reunions, dinners must be cancelled in order to avoid the spread of the virus.  

My experience with Chinese friends and neighbors has been positive. Nadia, who works for the government called me in the middle of the outbreak and asked if I could contact somebody from my country to help them buy n95 masks as medical employees are in dire need. It broke my heart to disappoint her because Filipinos overreacted and ran out of masks even before China did. She was very understanding, but to my surprise she came by my community the next day and dropped me some masks and alcohol and said, "You need to protect yourself Lili ". I was deeply moved by her gesture and because of this, I was inspired that the next day I posted a message on my Facebook account reaching out to friends and family wherever they are, asking them help, to send n95 masks if they are able to. So far, I got 3-4 responses asking for the address of the hospital where to send the masks. And Stephanie Burton sent me a message telling me that the 1st package has been shipped, and if we need more, I'll just let her know.  

Moreover, many friends, neighbors, even my landlord would send me messages, updates...telling me to be very look after myself, etc. And I was touched at how they care, for treating me like families. For this I am and will be eternally indebted. I have high hopes that we are going to weather this crisis and come out stronger. To all the unsung heroes of China, my deep admiration goes to you all. Thank you for risking your lives for the good and protection of us all. Thank you for all your sacrifices. May you and your families be blessed. Thank you, Nanchang, for looking after your people. Thank you, Nanchang University, for looking after us, your teachers in the best possible way.