The Post-90s Nurse Applies to Fight Against COVID-19 in Wuhan And Her Post-60s Father Replies: Dad Is Pleased and Fully Supports You!

“Applying to fight against COVID-19 in Wuhan shows your responsibility and love. Dad is pleased and fully supports you”. Huang Liqing wasn’t surprised at receiving the message from her father.


Huang Liqing is one of post-90s nurses of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University. After the outbreak of the COVID-19, she ended her vacation in advance and applied to fight against COVID -19 on frontline. Since February 4th, she has been on the frontline of fighting against the COVID-19. She said: " As a post-90s generation, I have not experienced such a challenge. It’s my father who gave me great encouragement and confidence."


Huang liqing was born into a military family. Her father and grandfather were both soldiers and members of the Communist Party. She received patriotism education from her father when she was a kid. She seemed to understand responsibility, loyalty, dedication and national justice at that time... Her father's inculcation was deeply engraved in her mind. When she heard that the hospital needed to send some staff to support Wuhan, she signed up without hesitation.

“Dad is pleased and fully supports you!”. This is the encouragement that the father gave to the daughter who would head for Wuhan. Fathers understand what their daughters think in mind. The father knows his daughter well. His daughter was determined to fight against the COVID-19 on frontline. The father also believed that his daughter would be able to complete the task and return safely.


Before leaving, the father took out a red bracelet and put it on her hands and told her a "dream" which was buried deeply in his heart. In 1979, as a soldier, the father who was a teenager then shaved off his hair and packed his baggage, waiting for the notice of being selected to participate in the Sino-Vietnamese War. But he never received the notice ... It has always been a pity for him. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 started the defense war in the peace era. Although there was no smoke of gunpowder in the war, batches of medical personnel rise to the challenges on the frontline to shoulder the important responsibility of protecting people's lives. The daughter being medical personnel, the father hoped that she would shoulder the responsibilities of  “white warrior" and make a personal contribution to the motherland and the people.


Huang Liqing quickly adapted to her work in Wuhan because of her work experience in the isolation wards of Xianghu branch of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University. "We are the first group of medical personnel who enter the isolation wards to treat patients. That night was unforgettable in my life. Some senior citizens took my hand and thanked us for helping them from Jiangxi."

“I am I Wuhan now. I see hopes and trusts in the eyes of patients. I began to understand my father’s patriotism. It’s the first time for me to truly feel the sense of responsibility and sense of mission. As a post-90s generation, I hope that I can realize my father’s dream of serving our motherland. I will live up to the mission and return successfully!” Huang Liqing wrote in her diary.