"To Take Care of Students with Parents' Love"—Nanchang University "Temporary Store" Solving Difficulties for Students

"Teacher, do you have any onions and eggs today? "

"Yes, we also have some fresh fruit and some daily necessities students wanted. "

"Great! Thank you, teacher! Thanks for your hard work! "

In normal times, such conversations would seem somewhat odd. But in the context of a comprehensive response to COVID 19, it is heartening and reassuring.


This epidemic outbreak occurred during the winter vacation, which was a short time and a long journey for foreign students to return home, thus they generally chose to stay at school. In the early days of the outbreak, more than 500 foreign students stayed in the school.

During the prevention and control period, it should not only lets foreign students who are staying in the school strictly abide by the entrance control system, reduce or try not to go out, but also finds ways to ensure their daily needs and have necessary food and daily necessities. How to solve this problem?


Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes. To implement epidemic prevention work, and solve practical problems, International Exchange College immediately decides to build a temporary store at the first floor of the former self-study room of "home of students", and arranges a person to buy daily life supplies, vegetables, eggs, fruits, fresh food and other special items according to the requirements of students, to ensure that students maintain a normal life supplies without going out of school.



The measures was welcomed and praised by international students on campus. Chinanews.com, China Daily, CNR News and other media reported on this.