Social Networking in the 1600s


Gewu is taken from Great Learning in The Book of Rites: The extension of knowledge consists in the investigation of things. When things are investigated, knowledge is extended; when knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere; when the will is sincere, the mind is rectified; when the mind is rectified, the personal life is cultivated. Zhixin has a dual meaning of renovating oneself and bringing forth new ideas. Therefore, Gewu Zhixin is intended to tell teachers and students to pursue truth and keep renovation. Houde comes from The Book of Changes: The (capacity and sustaining) power of the earth is what is denoted by Kun. The superior man, in accordance with this, with his large virtue supports (men and) things. It means that a person must be as magnanimous and tolerant as the earth. Houde Zeren means that we make every effort not only for our own development, but also for the progress and happiness of the entire human race.


The main color of the emblem of Nanchang University (NCU) is blue, and the blue edge looks like the blue blue-and-white porcelain plate, which is rich in Jiangxi characteristics. In the middle of the emblem is a camphor tree, whose dense branches show that Nanchang University is a comprehensive university with the infiltration of arts and sciences and the combination of science and engineering. It also symbolizes the thriving vitality of NCU and the noble mission of cultivating talents. The camphor tree is a provincial tree in Jiangxi Province. The name of Nanchang University was inscribed by Zhao Puchu.