Institute of Space Science and Technology Making New Progress on Scientific Research

 Space Physics Research Center of Institute of Space Science and Technology of our University published research thesis on authorative journal of American Physical Society—Physical Review Letters recently: Evidence for secondary flux rope generated by the electron Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in a magnetic reconnection diffusion region”(, the first author is Zhong Zhihong, a doctor student in his first year in our University, Professor Deng Xiaohua, Research Tang Rongxin and Researcher Zhou Meng are corresponding authors, which is the first time for doctor student cultivated by institution of Jiangxi Province and Nanchang University as the first unit to publish scientific research thesis in top-grade physics journal—Physical Review Letters.

     The research makes use of the latest magnetospheric multiscale satellite (MMS) ultra-high precision satellite for observation, combines computer simulation and theoretical analysis, firstly discovering direct observation evidence of magnetic reconnection caused by electric vortex driven by electric Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and secondary magnetic flux rope produced in magnetic reconnection ion diffusion zone, disclosing the important role of electric Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in the process of magnetic reconnection and multi-scale coupling dynamics, which is of great significance in further deeply understanding magnetic reconnection trigger mechanism, multi-scale coupling and particle acceleration. Magnetic reconnection is a basic physical process of magnetic field topology reconstruction caused by the change of magnetic field connectivity, is a classic problem in space physics, closely related to many disciplines like plasma physics, high-energy physics, particle physics and electromagnetic theory. Magnetic reconnection plays a critical role in the process of energy transformation and particle acceleration in the laboratory of accretion disc, magnetic star, Milky Way magnetotail, solar corona and fixed star crown, Earth's magnetosphere, planetary magnetospheres and plasma. The major scientific goal of the large-scale science satellite MMS star cluster launched by NASA in 2015 is to explore the microscopic physical mechanism in magnetic reconnection zone.

     Physical Review Letters is one of the most famous physics academic journals in the world, also a flagship journal of American Physical Society, with an impact factor of 8.462, once publishing many articles winning Nobel Prize.

     Institute of Space Science and Technology achieved the zero breakthrough in scientific research in 2017. Research Shen Linfang, as co-first author, makes use of asymmetry to break through the limitation of “Lorentz reciprocity”, having broken through the limitation of energy storage time inversely proportional to its bandwidth time-bandwidth limit over the past 100 years; the research achievement was published in international top-grade journal SCIENCE as Report paper; national outstanding youth, Research Zhou Meng, as the first author, obtained breakthrough in the research of multi-scale dynamics process of magnetic reconnection, and the thesis was published in Physical Review Letters; Professor Deng Xiaohua, on the basis of national 863 project and major projects of National Research Foundation, received approval for special (free on application) project of R&D of major scientific research instruments from National Natural Science Foundation, with direct fund of 7 million yuan.

  • Source : Nanchang University
  • Date : 2018-03-28