Verification Theory of Chinese Philosophy

Report Title: Verification Theory of Chinese Philosophy

Time: At 19:00pm on October 16 (Monday)


Lecturer: Du Baorui

Hosted by Social Science Division,SchoolofHumanities

Profile of Lecturer:

Du Baorui, Doctor of Philosophy, takes the position of distinguished professor of Department of Philosophy of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, once working as professor of Department of Philosophy of Taiwan University, Dean of Taiwan University; professor of Department of Philosophy of Huafan University, Dean of School of Literature; President of Taiwan-China Society of the Book of Changes; academic research fields are mainly Pre-Qin Confucianism, Taoist Philosophy, Zen Philosophy, Song-Ming Confucianism, Contemporary Chinese Philosophy, Methodology of Chinese Philosophy; monographs and famous works are Liu Jishan’s Efforts theory and Metaphysical Thought, On Metaphysical Progress Path Paying Equal Emphasis on Wang Chuanshan’s Yi-ology and Qi Theory, Chuang Chou Dreaming a Butterfly, Overcoming Firmness by Gentleness, Efforts theory and Realm Philosophy, Basic Philosophical Problems, Confucianism in the Northern Song Dynasty, Introduction to Philosophy, Confucianism in the Southern Song Dynasty, Methodology of Chinese Philosophy, Mou Zongsan’s Comments on Confucianism, Explanation of Zhou Yi, and more than 100 papers. Professor Du Baorui started from Confucian philosophy, deepened to Taoist philosophy and Buddhist philosophy, compared the three religious sects, established methodology of Chinese philosophy, adopted four-aspect structure of cosmology, ontology, efforts theory and realm theory, put forward the explanatory framework for the interpretation of Chinese philosophy, and used in the argumentation analysis of history of traditional philosophy. Based on this, in allusion to the problematic consciousness and theoretical functions of Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist philosophy, he put forward the application methods for the wisdom of different sects of Chinese philosophy, established the utilization model of management philosophy of Chinese philosophy, adopted different Guoxue wisdom in terms of different life issues, so as to put them all together and handle very skillfully.