Aixi Lake Forum: Study on Exciton Dynamics in Two-dimensional Material with the Method of Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Aixi Lake Forum - Leture III: Study on Exciton Dynamics in Two-dimensional Material with the Method of Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Speaker: Researcher Jiang Tian (National University of Defense Technology)

Time: 10:00 a.m. May 29th, 2020 (Friday)

Venue: Conference Room on the first floor of National LED Engineering Center, Nanchang University, No. 679 Aixihu North Road, Nanchang High-tech Zone

Leture Contents:

In recent years, two-dimensional material has attracted extensive attention in the photoelectric area due to its excellent optical features. The report can be divided into three parts. First, introduce the application of two-dimensional transitional metal chalcogenide in Q-switched mode-locked lasers and reveal its broadband light modulation mechanism from the perspective of dynamics based on Z-Scan and the pump probe technology. Second, introduce the method of realizing fluorescence enhancement in single-layer chalcogenide by spin coating of perovskite quantum dots on the surface of single-layer transitional metal chalcogenide and the influence of the process of carrier transport in the heterojunction upon the process of fluorescence enhancement based on transient spectrum. Third, tight coupling effect caused by exciton-exciton interaction is found widely existing on the interface of different layers of 2D perovskite material by studying the dynamic process of carriers in the 2D/3D perovskite hybridization system with the method of ultrafast spectroscopy. Energy band renormalization and the cross-interface ultrafast transmission process of carriers/excitons have been observed. The author thinks that this interaction is one of the reasons why solar cells and LED produced in this hybridization system can maintain efficiency.

Profile of the Speaker:

Selected into Youth Talent Lifting Project of China Association for Science and Technology, Researcher Jiang Tian is an outstanding youth of Hunan Province and one of the first batch of leading talent training targets of National University of Defence Technology and once won excellent provincial master’s and doctor’s theses, Academic New Generation Award of Ministry of Education, one second prize of National Technological Progress Award, one first prize and one second prize of Army Technological Progress Award (both ranking 2nd). He has long engaged in the study of optoelectrionic countermeasure, ultrafast spectroscopy detection (femtosecond transient spectrum and terahertz transient spectrum) and intellisense. He has published more than 40 SCI theses, of which, 15 are in the first zone, 2 are 1% most-cited papers of ESI and 6 are selected as cover papers. He has been invited to write 4 summaries and research papers in Nanophotonicis and Photonics Research, which are journals of the first zone.

Teachers and students, welcome to the forum!

National Silicon Substrate LED Engineering Technology Research Center of Nanchang University

May 2020