The Invariance of Information System

TitleThe Invariance of Information System
Lecturer:Li Jinjin, Doctor, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
Date:January 3, 2018 (Wednesday) 10:00am
Location:Information Engineering Building C111

Summary:There may be some implicit contact among different information systems, we study the attribute reduction relation among information systems via establishing field continuous mapping and have obtained some invariance.

Profile of Lecturer:Li Jinjin, Doctor, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Doctoral Supervisor of Xiamen University and Shantou University, previous President of Minnan Normal University, enjoying special government allowances of the State Council, mainly engaged in the studies of topology, uncertainty theory and its application, as well as teacher education. Research fields involve covering properties, generalized quantitative theory, topology on lattice, rough set theory, concept lattice theory and covering theory of minimal apex of network topology. In recent five years, the team led by him presided over six National Natural Science Foundation projects and over ten Fujian Provincial Natural Science Foundation projects, published over 150 papers in domestic important academic journals, including over 90 SCI and EI, published 7 treatises or textbooks, obtained the Second Prize for Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement of Fujian Province, obtained the First and Second Prize for provincial-level teaching achievement.

Science and Technology Office of Nanchang University 

school of Information Engineering

December 29, 2017