NCU Winning National “Champion Cup” in China Business Plan Competition for University Students

Recently, the prizes of the 12th Challenge Cup China Business Plan Competition for University Students were released, and our university obtained the best historical results, winning one gold award, one silver award and five bronze awards, got the only gold award for the national competition of Challenge Cup among the undergraduate institutions in Jiangxi Province, and won the first national Champion Cup in China Business Plan Competition for University Students among the undergraduate institutions in Jiangxi Province. At the closing ceremony, the entrepreneurial team of NCU also shared their story of entrepreneurship via poverty alleviation, conveying the voice of NCU.

Since the launching of competition preparation in last December, NCU conquered the influence brought by the epidemic situation, carried out the event organization work for the competitions of such three levels as university, province and country via combining the online with offline forms, and more than 30 schools, 1000 teams and ten thousand teachers and students of NCU participated in the work. Since the beginning of the competition, with the leading by the university league committee, and the coordinate advanecment by each department and school, after repeated alteration and constant perfection of the compilation of project text, optimization of exhibition plan, training of speech question, online simulated debating, and other links, the innovation and entrepreneurship ability training system integrating team cultivation, project training and event organization was established in practice, and the atmosphere of university-wide innovation and entrepreneurship education was built.

The Challenge Cup China Business Plan Competition for University Students was jointly launched by Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, Ministry of Education, and other units in 1999, held once every two years, and 12 competitions have been successfully held till now. The competition attracted 179 thousand projects from 2786 institutions in China, with 924 thousand participating students. Geared to national university students design, the competition carried out eight series of thematic activities including reporting to the motherland—“Challenge Cup social practice cloud relay, instructors reception room, famous teachers lecture, imagination for 2050, and etc., and more than 6802 thousand students participated in the activities.

List of Award-winning Works Attached

Gold Award (One)

Name of Work: Different Straw—Mobile Microwave Pyrolysis SNPK Project

Recommending College: College of Food Science & Technology

Participating Authors: Xu Jiamin, Wu Qiuhao, Wang Yutong, Peng Han, Yang Qi, Ke Linyao, Qu Ru, Liu Kaicheng, Xu Jiasong

Instructors: Wang Yunpu, Liu Yuhuan, Yin Wenwang

Silver Award (One)

Name of Work: Intelligent Precision Rehabilitation Brace for Knee JointInitiating the Precision Rehabilitation Era for Knee Joint

Recommending School: No.2 School of Clinical Medicine

Participating Authors: Xie Jing, Wang Yongbo, Luo Wei, Jin Zhe, Tian Jing, Bai Liangyu, Wang Yaning, Yin Chengyu, Wang Xueqin, Zhou Junmin

Instructors: Cheng Xuexin, Hao Liang, Zeng Xinxing

Bronze Award (Five)

Name of Work: Code ProgrammingSci-tech Education in Urban-Rural Areas

Recommending School: School of Software

Participating Authors: Yuan Xiaotong, Duan Xiaodong, Liu Liqi, Li Yongyue, Wang Yue, Miao Jiayi, Le Shengyue, Cheng Xu, Liu Xinyi, Hu Jiayi

Instructors: Zhu Xiaogang, Luo Ming, He Daojing

Name of Work: Guangxin StomatologyEfficient and Nondestructive Soft-light Teeth Whitening System

Recommending School: No.2 School of Clinical Medicine

Participating Authors: Lyu Zhongsheng, Liu Kuan, Fan Houyou, Shen Shixiong, Lyu Sidi, Wang Wanyu, Shen Shanyu, Yu Fen, Xiao Yangxin, Zeng Lei

Instructors: Wang Xiaolei, Liao Lan, Liu Yaobin

Name of Work: Future of OilRecycling Waste Fat Oil for Extracting Aromatic Hydrocarbon

Recommending College: College of Food Science & Technology

Participating Authors: Ma Chenlu, Yuan Ying, Xie Rong, Lan Lingyu, Chen Meiling, Cai Xiaodong, Wang Xiaolong, Zeng Zihong, Yang Xiuhua

Instructors: Wang Yunpu, Li Wei, Liu Yuhuan

Name of Work: The Profitable TurtlePractitioners for the Rural Revitalization Model of Turtle Industry

Recommending School: School of Life Sciences

Participating Authors: Zhai Ruixiang, Wang Qingyue, Li Jialong, Jin Feng, Bai Xin, Dai Xiaohui, Gao Linhan, Huang Peiying, He Siming, Zhang Qing

Instructors: Jian Shaoqing, Hong Yijiang, Gong Cheng

Name of Work: Star Dream Space Teacher Training Project for Sexual Assault Prevention Education

Recommending School: School of Public Administration

Participating Authors: Wu Zhoukang, Na Linna, Tang Chengjie, Chen Jiahuan, Pang Zhaolong, Chen Liangwang, Zou Ling, Zhang Honglin, Yu Siying, Zeng Haiqing

Instructors: Xiao Yuqin, Kuang Wei, He Xiaoling