Professor Wang Xingang’s Team from the School of Infrastructure Engineering Achieves Significant Progress in High-Performance CO₂ Sequestration Solid Materials

Jun 14, 2024

(Source: School of Infrastructure Engineering) Recently, Professor Wang Xingang, Dr. Zou Fubing, and a master’s student Luo Hongyun from the School of Infrastructure Engineering of NCU, published a paper titled “High-Performance CO2 Sequestration Solid Materials Consist of β-C2S and γ-C2S Binary Clinkers Synthesized from Carbide Slag and Sandstone: Sintering, Carbonation, and Microstructure” in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, an international authoritative journal under the American Chemical Society (CAS/Q1, TOP, IF8.4 in 2023). Professor Wang Xingang is the first author of the paper, Dr. Zou Fubing, the only corresponding author, Luo Hongyun, a master’s student of School of Infrastructure Engineering, the second author, and NCU, the sole institutional affiliation.

Based on green ecology and the situation of Jiangxi Province, the research focused on the comprehensive utilization of solid waste and contributed to the country's “dual carbon” strategy. Professor Wang’s team proposed to use solid waste as the main raw material for high-performance CO2 sequestration solid materials. The process used solid waste as resource and did not involve the decomposition of limestone which would release CO2, thus achieving both good environmental and economic benefits. This paper found that the presence of a small amount of β-C2S in the mixture could reduce the first-stage activation energy during the carbonation reaction compared to that of powder, thus accelerating the whole carbonation reaction. This finding could provide guidance on the high-performance CO2 sequestration solid materials from the view of adjustment of the proportion of β-C2S and γ-C2S in C2S binary clinkers by a one-step sintering reaction.

Professor Wang Xingang, Doctoral Supervisor, is the Director of Professor Commission of School of Infrastructure Engineering, NCU. He is a Ganjiang Distinguished Visiting Professor, a Jiangxi Provincial High-level Talent, a Jiangxi Provincial Outstanding Young Talent, a candidate of Jiangxi Yuanhang Project and one of the first Ten Outstanding Postgraduate Tutors of Nanchang University.

Zou Fubing, Master’s Supervisor, a PhD in Engineering from School of Materials Science and Engineering of Wuhan University of Technology, is a member of the Chinese Ceramic Society, a member of Chinese Chemical Society, a member of Jiangxi Materials Society, and a Jiangxi Provincial High-level Young Talent.

The team is mainly engaged in research on green advanced civil engineering materials, particularly in innovation research on the green low-carbonization, intelligent functionalization and ultra-high performance of civil engineering materials. The research results in the high value utilization of solid wastes, low carbon/carbon sequestration building materials, and cement-based functional/intelligent materials have been transformed in enterprises and applied in engineering successfully, generating significant economic and social benefits.

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Editor: Xu Han

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